What's Your Apartment Aesthetic?

What's Your Apartment Aesthetic?

It's almost Spring, which means it's time for Spring cleaning! As you start to purge old items and buy new, it's now a great time to decide what aesthetic you want your apartment to have! We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite apartment aesthetics!

The Minimalist 
A minimalist design aesthetic does not need to be boring! The minimalist design aesthetic focuses on natural tones and minimal decor pieces. When living in a small apartment, designing with a minimalist aesthetic might help you maximize your space. When our residents ask what to include in their minimalist apartments, we love suggesting they add a statement mirror or house plant that feels casual but expensive. When adding some texture to your apartment, we recommend a statement couch. 

Hippie Boho 
You do not need to be a surfer to love the bohemian aesthetic. When designing your boho-themed apartment, including earthy tones, funky prints, and unique accent decor is essential. While the boho theme is trendy with younger generations, it is also excellent for adventure lovers and creative individuals. When shopping for decor pieces, we love to grab chunky knit blankets, print pillows, and lots (WE MEAN LOTS) of crystals! 

Dark Industrial 
The industrial aesthetic is currently one of the hottest trends. We suggest the industrial aesthetic for lofts and trendy exposed brick apartments. When designing your industrial space, we recommend including statement rugs and furniture that stand out from the rustic colors of your apartment. One of our favorite furniture pieces to include in industrial apartments is a statement dining table that gives off a heavy metal feel. 

Destination Paris 
Love to travel, but can't afford to go to Paris? It's time to transform your apartment into your dream vacation spot. We all know that a Parisian aesthetic can be expensive, but it does not have to be. You do not need grand balconies or floor-to-ceiling windows to feel like you are in your favorite place. When shopping for new apartment accent pieces to fit your Parisian aesthetic, look for gold-framed mirrors, lots of vintage books, busts, dried flowers, and candles. Our little secret, go to vintage thrift shops! 

Edgy Chic 
Are you a lover of darker tones, string lights, and music? If yes, then the edgy-chic aesthetic is perfect for you. When designing your edgy-chic apartment, your first stop should be at a vintage or vinyl store. We love hanging vinyl records, massive tapestries, and countless numbers of string lights to make the edgy vibe come to life. In addition, we suggest purchasing a colorful record player if you want a statement decor piece to spice up your space! This addition will have your guests gushing over your space!

While these are a few of our favorite aesthetics, there are countless others that we did not mention! Remember that your space is for you, not others. When decorating your home, it is essential to make it truly feel like you!