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Application Process

Application Process

Application fee, applying through RentCafe, approval process...
Community Amenities

Community Amenities

Reserving community spaces, amenity hours, guest policy...
Cosigner Information

Cosigner Information

Requirements, why you need one, do they pay an application fee...


How do I report one, lock-out procedures...
Furnished Units

Furnished Units

What is included, what is the minimum length of stay...
Lease Breaks

Lease Breaks

Policy, Advertising vacant units...
Lease Renewals

Lease Renewals

Signing through RentCafe, month-to-month, giving notice of vacancy...
Maintenance Requests

Maintenance Requests

Submitting requests, time of repairs, security measures...
Move-In Information

Move-In Information

Key pick-up procedures, moving trucks, loading dock reservations...


Parking lease procedures, parking permits, guest parking...


Pet registration, breed restrictions, pet rent...
Refer A Friend Information

Refer A Friend Information

Rent Credit, lease terms, limits...
Rent Payments

Rent Payments

How to pay, due date, setting up autopay...


Getting started, adjusting account, lease information...
Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Minimum liability coverage, Resident Shield Plans, renewing coverage...
Security Deposit Information

Security Deposit Information

Amount, how to get it back...
Sublet Your Unit

Sublet Your Unit

Subletting policy, AirBnb procedures...
Touring a Property

Touring a Property

How to schedule, virtual tours, walk-in appointments...
Utilities Information

Utilities Information

How to set them up, what is included in the rent...
Walnut Capital Perks & Benefits

Walnut Capital Perks & Benefits

Partnered Employer Program, Refer a Friend...

Application Process

The application fee is $50 per adult occupant including guarantors. This cost covers the credit and background checks on every applicant.
You can work with your leasing consultant and apply for an apartment by logging into RentCafe.
Typically, it takes between 3 and 5 days to process your application.
You will pay a $50 application fee per applicant (and co signer if applicable), a $150 admin fee, and a security deposit equal to half of one month's rent (or a full month's rent) prior to signing your lease.

Community Amenities

If you would like to reserve an amenity space, you can do so by logging into the RentCafe resident portal. Choose Concierge in the menu and then choose reservation and complete the information (amenity, date, duration of time etc.) You will receive a confirmation email. Some amenity spaces require a deposit which will be returned to you afterwards should there be no damages to the space and the area is left clean and tidy. Contact your property manager to see if additional fees apply to reserving the common spaces in your building.
Still confused? Watch our video tutorial for reserving common spaces.

*check with your Leasing Office to see if this is applicable to your community
Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times when in the common areas, hallways, and elevators/stairways. Please verify with your Leasing Office prior to having guests as there may be a limit to the amount of guests you may have in the common areas, extra restrictions in place and your guests may need to be registered.
Our amenities will have varying hours of operation, however, most of our gyms are open 24 hours. Common spaces will also follow any quiet hour/restrictions put in place by the property. Please check with your leasing office for specifics.

Cosigner Information

If you do not meet our income requirements of 3 times the monthly rent or your credit score and background check does not meet our minimum requirements, you will be required to have a guarantor/cosigner.
Your guarantor/cosigner will need to meet our income requirements of 5 times the monthly rent as well as meet the requirements of our credit check.
Yes, your guarantor/cosigner will pay an application fee of $50.
Unfortunately, due to our credit check that would be run on all guarantors and cosigners, all address and income information would need to be within the US.


If you are locked out during office hours, call the onsite leasing office to get into your unit. If you are locked out after regular office hours, call the emergency number for your site, which is typically the leasing office number that will prompt you to the after hours answering service. A team member will meet you on-site to let you into the building/unit with proper identification. Additional fees are associated with after-hours lock outs. Please make sure to check with your leasing office on lock out protocols and we suggest saving any important phone numbers.
If you would like to request emergency maintenance please call the emergency number for your site, which is typically the leasing office number that will prompt you to the after hours answering service. Emergencies are limited to:
  • No heat
  • No water
  • Locked out of unit
  • No working toilet in your unit
  • Smell of gas in your unit
  • Structural damage to your unit
  • Broken pipes/water lines
  • Broken elevator

Furnished Units

Yes, we have studio, 1 and 2 bedroom furnished units at several of our properties. Our furnished corporate units come fully-equipped and include all utilities as well as cable and internet. Additional fees apply. Please inquire with the leasing office for the most up-to-date availability and pricing.
Our furnished units come with all furniture and decor, dinner and glassware, small kitchen appliances, linens, cable/internet, and electricity.
Unfortunately, we do not. However, the leasing offices can surely help make recommendations and coordinate with a service that you have hired.
No, however, please do not hesitate to reach out! If it is something that we have or can accommodate, we would be happy to help!
Yes, we do allow cats and dogs in our furnished units for $30 per pet per month and a $250 non refundable deposit. The same restrictions on breeds and weight still apply.
There is a 1 month minimum rental term and can be rented on a monthly basis. There is no maximum term, you can stay as long as you would like! Please keep in mind that there is a 30 day notice period that needs to be given if you are vacating or renewing for another term.
Most of our furnished apartments will have in-unit washer/dryers, however, not all do. Please check with your leasing office.
Garage and reserved spaces are property dependent.
A secondary space can be purchased for an additional fee if available.

Lease Break

To buy out of your lease, we require a buy-out fee equal to one month's rent and 90 days notice. After that fee is paid, we will begin to advertise and show your apartment. You will still be responsible to pay the monthly rent until the apartment is re-rented to a new resident or 90 days has been fulfilled from your official lease break date.
For our Oakland apartments, we require a lease break fee equal to one month's rent. After that fee is paid, we will begin to advertise and show your apartment. You will still be responsible to pay the monthly rent until the apartment is re-rented to a new resident or your current lease is fulfilled. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to re-rent your apartment as quickly as possible.
Absolutely! You are more than welcome to look for renters on your own. However, if you find someone, they will need to complete our standard leasing process with a Walnut Capital leasing agent.


Maintenance requests can be submitted by logging into the RentCafe Resident portal. Choose Submit Request from the menu, select Maintenance Request from the drop down menu and complete the information (priority, category, location, description, access instructions etc.). You can also request maintenance by calling or emailing the leasing office.
Still confused? Check out our video tutorial for submitting maintenance requests online.
We attempt to resolve all maintenance issues within 48 hours.

Please Note: emergency maintenance will be completed as quickly as possible. If you have any requests or specifications regarding your work order, please let us know and we will make the proper arrangements. If there is follow-up work that needs to be done in your unit, we will keep you up-to-date until your work order is completed.
No. If you are comfortable allowing our maintenance team into your unit while you are not present, we will complete the request without you. If you are not comfortable with this, we will schedule a time to come in when you are home. Please provide access instructions and the location of the issue prior to scheduled work.

Lease Renewal

To review your lease renewal options and sign for next year, login to the RentCafe Resident portal and choose the pencil icon in the menu bar to view and sign documents. Choose the folder icon to view signed documents.
No, you may renew your lease for any lease term between 4 and 12 months. Some properties only allow 12 month lease renewals- please check with your leasing office to see what's available at your property. The rental rate for each lease term will vary. These rates can be viewed in your RentCafe account.
Residents have the ability to opt for a month-to-month lease renewal following the expiration of their current lease. Please note that there is an additional 12% increase on rent for month-to-month leases. Once your lease converts month-to-month,  you are only required to provide a 30-day notice to terminate your lease.
If you do not give notice or sign a lease renewal, your lease will default to a month-to-month lease with an additional 12% increase on your rent.  The lease will continue month to month until either party gives at least 30 days written notice of termination or intent to move-out as required in the lease contract.
To provide your notice, login to the RentCafe Resident portal and click the "give notice" button. You will then be prompted to sign the Notice of Intent to Move Out Letter. Once that has been signed, the Acknowledgement of Move Out Letter will be sent to you. Once signed, your notice will officially be processed.

Move-In Information

If you are moving into a property with an on-site leasing office, you will pick up your keys at the leasing office in the building. If you are moving to a property that does not have an on-site leasing office, you can pick up your keys at 5500 Walnut Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (2nd floor above the Shady Grove Restaurant).
Key pick up must be completed during office hours (Monday through Friday between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM). You cannot pick up your keys before 1 PM on your move-in day. If you are moving in on a Saturday, please arrange a time to come pick up your keys the Friday prior to move-in (please note- you cannot pick up your keys until your lease begins). 
We cannot accommodate large 18-wheeler moving vehicles. However, we can accommodate smaller box trucks. Please notify your moving company of our limitations. We also ask that you display your address in the window of your moving truck.
For properties without parking, please park along the street. For properties with parking lots, feel free to park in your reserved spot. If you do not have a reserved space, find space in the lot to park while you unload your things. Please move your vehicle immediately after you are moved in. DO NOT park in or block another resident's spot.

Please remember to break down boxes and carry all garbage to appropriate recycling and dumpster areas following move-in.
Some properties have loading docks that will need to be reserved for your move in. Please coordinate with your buildings' leasing office.
We recommend CORT furniture for rental items as they have many complete apartment packages as well as individual items for rent. Please contact your leasing office for more details!
Prior to moving in, your entire apartment, including carpets (if applicable), are professionally cleaned and fresh paint is applied when/where necessary. Our leasing and maintenance staff also take great care in checking all appliances to make sure everything is functioning properly.


If there is parking available at your property and you are interested in leasing a spot, you can reach out to the leasing office and they will walk you through starting an application. It works the same way an application for an apartment does! You will sign the lease, and pay monthly through the RentCafe portal where you pay your rent.
Our on-site parking fees vary by property and specific parking arrangements (outdoor parking lot, reserved parking space, indoor parking garage etc.) Please contact your leasing agent to inquire about additional parking fees.
If someone is in your reserved parking space, please call the leasing office with the make, model and license plate number of the car in your spot. We will contact the resident and tow the car if it does not belong to a resident. We ask that you find street parking until your space is clear. Please do not park in another reserved space.
If you have a car and your property does not have an on-site parking lot or garage, you can get a street parking pass through the City of Pittsburgh. Learn more at
Yes, if you have signed a separate parking agreement, you will receive a parking permit at key pick-up.
Unfortunately, your parking lease is an actual lease and the same lease break policies would still be applicable. If the property, however, is in need of parking spaces due to having limited parking or a waitlist for parking, the leasing office may be able to accommodate your request. Please contact your leasing office to inquire about property parking status or questions.
Some of our premier properties will have limited quantities of guest parking available. Please contact your leasing office for availability.
Please keep in mind that if you are parking on a city or public street, Walnut Capital cannot be held liable and does not have control over a car being towed, nor will we know the reason your car was removed. You will need to locate the appropriate city signage around the area that your car was towed in order to find tow company information. If your car is towed by Walnut Capital, please locate on-site signage for towing company information or contact your Leasing Office. Please remember that all vehicles are towed at the owners' expense.


If there will be a pet or pets living with you in your apartment unit, you are required to register your animals with Walnut Capital by completing a pet addendum at lease signing. Additional monthly fees apply. Contact your leasing consultant prior to lease signing to inform them about your pet(s).
Yes. The following breeds are prohibited: Pitbull, German Shephard, Doberman Pinscher, Chow and Rottweiler (mixes of these breeds are also prohibited). We also have a 100 lb weight limit. We have the right to change this at any time.
No more than two pets are permitted per apartment. We only allow cats and dogs.
There is a $250 non refundable pet fee per pet (this is not a deposit), and a monthly pet rent of $30 per pet.
If you are fostering any animal(s) that will be living in your apartment, you are required to register your animal(s) with Walnut Capital by completing a pet addendum and paying the pet rent during the duration of time the foster animal is living in your unit.

Contact your leasing consultant to begin the addendum process before you begin fostering any animal(s).
Please provide proper documentation of your support animal directly to the Leasing Office during the application process. Please reach out to your Leasing Office for more information!
If you have any animal(s) that will be staying in your apartment, even for a short time, you are required to register your animal(s) with Walnut Capital. Contact your leasing consultant to begin the addendum process before you begin hosting any animal(s).
Find your perfect companion from the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh! Their adoption team works to match people with the perfect adoptable animal. Any resident who adopts a furry friend from Humane Animal Rescue will receive free pet rent for three months! Please note this offer is only applicable at properties that allow pets. 

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend rent credit amounts are property dependent and range between $200 and $500. Please reach out to your property manager for the specific amount. University Commons is not eligible for the Refer a Friend Program.
Yes, in order to receive the refer a friend rent credit a 12-month lease must be signed.
Your rent credit will typically be applied to your account after a lease is signed by your referral.
There is no limit to how many friends you can refer to a Walnut Capital property! If your friend signs a 12 month lease, you will receive a rent credit. For some of our premier properties, you will also receive a gift card to Bakery Square on your third referral! Please check with your Leasing Office for eligibility.
If you referred a friend to Walnut Capital, you are eligible to receive rent credit! Please inquire with the leasing staff to complete our referral documents.

Rent Payment

Rent is due the first of every month.
We encourage all residents to pay their rent online through the RentCafe Resident portal. Click Payments in the menu or select the Make Payments button on the homepage, select make a one-time payment and submit your payment. Still confused? Check out our video tutorial for paying rent online.
Residents can choose to login and pay on the first of every month or set up auto-pay through their account.
Rent can be paid directly from your bank account or using a debit or credit card. A service fee will be charged at the time of payment with a credit card or debit transaction. Walnut Capital Management does not receive any portion of this fee. Service fee is non-refundable. Debit Cards: for payments up to $999.99 the service fee is $3.95 and for payments greater than $999.99 and up to $1,999.99 the service fee is $4.95. For all payments greater than $1,999.99 the service fee is $9.95. Credit Cards: A service fee of 2.50% will be charged at the time of payment. Checks and money orders are also accepted.
Unfortunately, if you accidentally overpay or double pay, we are unable to stop payment or return the funds to your account. The good news is the extra payment will stay on your account as a credit. Please remember you may have to stop autopay in order to utilize any rent credits for the following month. If you have any questions on how to use your rent credits and next steps to take, please reach out to the leasing or accounts receivable department for further assistance.
If you pay your rent after the fifth of the month, a late fee of $100 will be charged to your account. We offer our residents a five day grace period to submit their rent at the beginning of the month before charging the additional fee.
Please reach out to if you are having trouble processing your payment online.
Yes. Walnut Capital posts the total rent each month and every tenant has the ability to pay their portion of the rent (determined by the tenants) by logging into their own RentCafe account and manually entering their allotted amount. As long as rent is paid in full, the portion amounts don't matter! Each tenant can also set up auto payments for their portions to come out on the 1st of the month.
Autopay can be set up so your monthly charges are automatically pulled from your bank account at the beginning of each month. To set this up, login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and click payments in the menu, choose autopay in the submenu, and add your bank account information. You can add multiple bank accounts. Your auto payment amount will need to be manually adjusted upon any renewal rate changes. Please remember that you will need to stop payments when you vacate the unit or your account will continue to pull rent.
Still confused? Check out our video tutorial on how to set up auto pay to learn more.


When applying for a unit after speaking with a leasing consultant, we can send you an invitation to register for your RentCafe account and apply for your desired unit. If applying for a unit or registering on your own, simply follow the prompts and instructions. If you need a registration code or any other information that you are unsure of, your Leasing Office will be happy to help! Please remember that ALL adult tenants and guarantors will need their own separate RentCafe account. It is very important that you utilize your own email address when creating accounts and applying, keeping in mind that other tenants will need to also create accounts and apply with their own email address.
You should still be able to apply and register for a RentCafe account using an existing email address/account. In most cases, multiple units can show up on one RentCafe account. If for any reason you are unable to successfully complete the registration process, please reach out to the Leasing Office for assistance. In some cases, you may need to register using a secondary email address.
You may need to update your preferences in the RentCafe Resident Portal. To do this, login and select Concierge from the menu and choose Guest/Package/Notice/Key/Preference. Choose Preferences from the drop down and make sure your email address is up-to-date and check the boxes to personalize your preferences. If everything is updated and you still are not receiving our emails, please check your spam folder.
To opt into property text messages login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and click on your profile icon. Select Edit Profile and check the box for "Allow Text (SMS) Notifications". Enter your mobile number and then click Update Profile.
You can also view property announcements within the app. See how here.
To view your lease documents, login to the RentCafe Resident Portal and choose the documents tab to view past and current lease documents.
Log into your RentCafe account to access your community bulletin board. This is where you will be able to post any information or questions for other community members to view. Posts are monitored and approved by the Leasing Office.
Check out our video tutorial to learn more about the community bulletin board.
Downloading and using the resident app is easy! Learn how in this video tutorial.

Renters Insurance

Yes. Walnut Capital requires all residents to obtain and maintain evidence of liability insurance throughout the term of your lease, including lease renewals. Prior to your move-in, you are required to purchase and maintain Renter’s Insurance with minimum liability coverage of at least $100,000.
Visit or call 1-800-566-1186 for insurance quotes and general information. Select the policy coverage option that’s right for you. You and your community leasing office will receive instant notification of your policy purchase via e-mail.
Still need help? Check out our video tutorial on how to get renters insurance.
Yes, all residents must maintain evidence of liability insurance throughout the term of your lease. If your lease is renewing, you need to renew your insurance as well.
Proof of renters insurance can be uploaded to your online RentCafe Resident portal under the Lease tab. You can also email a copy of your policy to your Leasing Office, and they will upload it for you.

Security Deposit

We ask for a forwarding address when you drop off your keys at the end of your lease. We will then check your apartment and mail you all or part of your security deposit to the forwarding address on file.
Under Pennsylvania law, a landlord must return the tenant's security deposit within 30 days after the tenant has surrendered the rental property to the landlord (that is, returned the keys and vacated the property). If you are vacating early before your lease end date contact the leasing office.
You will receive a detailed checklist of all items that need to be checked, completed and cleaned. As per your lease, the unit must be returned into our possession as you received it upon move in less normal wear and tear. Carpet cleaning will always be deducted if applicable as outlined in your lease.
The security deposit is half of one month's rent with approved credit. Select properties may have a $500 security deposit with approved credit (please check with your leasing office to see if your property is included). All apartments in Oakland require a security deposit equal to one month's rent.
No, unfortunately we cannot send checks out of the country. If you will no longer be in the US after vacating the apartment, please make arrangements with a friend or family member within the US who can take care of the return check for you.

Sublet Your Unit

You are not permitted to sublet your apartment.
You are not permitted to rent out your apartment on Airbnb.

Touring a Property

To schedule a tour to view the property in person, please call the leasing office at (412) 683-3809 or email To schedule a tour at one of the following properties, please visit their website and contact them directly: Bakery Living, Walnut on Highland, Hot Metal Flats, Walnut Crossings, Highland Village, University Commons.
You can schedule a tour online for many of our properties by visiting their property specific websites: Any property not listed above does not offer online tour scheduling and must be scheduled over the phone or by email.
We prefer you make an appointment, but do accept walk-ins at properties with on-site leasing offices if the schedule permits. Walk-in appointments may only view vacant units as we provide our residents at least 24-hour notice when we will be showing their home. If the property does not have an on-site leasing office, you must schedule an appointment to view any apartment.
Yes! You can schedule an appointment with one of our leasing agents and tour via facetime, skype, google meet, etc... We also have 360 tours for many of our units, which you can find attached to the floor plans on each property page. Pictures and videos of many of our units are also available.


All utilities must be transferred into your name and you will be held responsible for any charges incurred from that date forward. A fifteen dollar ($15) vacant service fee will be charged to your residential account for the first month and a fifty dollar ($50) vacant service fee will be charged for any following occurrence. All utilities must continue to stay in your name until lease end date regardless if you move out early.
Still need help? Check out our video tutorial to learn how to set up your utilities.



Cable and Internet

  • Water and sewage is billed back by 3rd party billing based upon sq footage and occupancy.
  • Gas is either not applicable, put directly in residents name, or billed back by 3rd party billing based upon sq footage and occupancy.
  • Electric is either billed directly to the resident, or some units have it included.
  • Cable & internet is billed directly to the resident.
  • Trash is either included in rent or billed back by a 3rd party service based upon an allocation (property dependent).
Most of our properties will accommodate both Verizon Fios and Comcast Xfinity. Please contact your leasing office with any questions.
Please be aware of how to properly dispose of trash/recycling at your specific property. Walnut Capital has over 2,000 rental units throughout Pittsburgh and all will have slightly different protocols for disposing of trash/recycling (some will have chutes, dumpsters, trash cans, etc.). Check with your leasing office with any questions as proper disposal of these items are your responsibility.

Walnut Capital Perks and Benefits

If you were referred or referred a friend to Walnut Capital, you are eligible to receive rent credit! Please inquire with the leasing staff to complete our referral documents.
To redeem a Walnut Perks offer in person, show your Walnut Perks key tag to a staff member. To redeem an offer online, enter the promo code.
Our partnered employers receive waived admin fees, and a gift card to a Bakery Square shop when you rent on your first appointment. If your employer is not yet a part of our program, connect us with a representative from your Human Resources Department and we will start the conversation!