Moving Day Prep

Moving Day Prep
So move in day is here and, let me guess, you have nothing packed? Moving can be stressful and I know we’ve all had that horrible moving experience that made every single move after something to dread. In an effort to squash some of the anxiety and annoyance that comes with moving, I have gathered a list of four essential tips that will make any moving experience a breeze. 

1-Make Labels
I know it seems obvious but labels make all the difference! Whenever I move, I find that including very detailed labels on the boxes allows me to better understand what I might need -- and where I might need it to go. Instead of simply scrawling “kitchen things” on a box, try writing a specific list of items that you put in the box somewhere on the outside. Doing this will make it easier to figure out what you need -- or don’t need -- and where those items should go in the new space.
2-Put Boxes in the Rooms that They Belong In
Going off of creating detailed labels, a simple task that is often looked over is putting boxes where the items belong. This is one of the easiest ways to make moving in, and unpacking, move quickly and efficiently. Kitchen items should end up in the kitchen, living room items in the living room and so on. It can be so tempting to just dump those heavy boxes wherever they may land but, I promise, it will be so much easier to organize in the end. And, for those in smaller spaces, set the boxes in the general areas that you think they might end up in! Rather than putting a lamp in the middle of the room, move it to a corner you might actually decide to leave it in.
3-Take Stock 
Moving can be strenuous and exhausting -- especially if you have a lot of “dead weight” items. Dead weight items are those that you don’t find yourself using daily or even weekly. In the month before you move, start paying attention to the items that you reach for everyday and make sure that those items are at the top of your list when you move. These will be the ones that you need to unpack first and know exactly where they are in the new space. Then assess the value of those items that you aren’t using as much. Whether you donate, sell or trade items for necessities, it can make your moving experience so much easier!
4-Create an Essentials Box
Any time you move into a new space, having all of your items in separate boxes and rooms can make it hard to find what you need for your first night. I always recommend packing a box/bag with essentials that I know I will need to get through the first night or two before everything starts to be unpacked. Pack this bag as if it were an overnight bag for a trip; but, make sure you pack a bit more than just the basics! You’ll need toilet paper, toiletries, blankets, clothes, medications, phone chargers, and anything else you know you will use daily. Make a list of these items in the weeks leading up to the move to make sure nothing is forgotten!
While moving can be stressful, it is also an extremely exciting time! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting the keys to your new home and a new world full of experiences and possibilities. The most important thing to remember is that as long as your items get safely from one space to the next, you will be fine! Take the time that you need to pack slowly if you’re a procrastinator or make a list to check as you go if you like to work under pressure. Either way, you are bound to have a great experience in a brand new space that you can call your own!