Partnered Employers

Will your place of employment save you some cash?

Work Perks! But not the kind you're thinking of.

If you work at one of Walnut Capital's Partnered Employers, you are eligible to receive some additional "work perks"! We thrive on partnerships with businesses and universities throughout the city and are happy to provide their employees with a waived admin fee and a gift card to Bakery Square when they rent on their first appointment! So thank your boss the next time you see them! 

Along with our full list of Partnered Employers, we extend these benefits to active, veteran, retired & reservist personnel of our U.S. military to thank you for your service.

Our Partners

Search the name of your employer below to see if they are one of our partners.

No Dice? No worries, becoming a Partnered Employer is easy!

Just connect us with a representative from your Human Resources Department and we'll take it from there!