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1) Enjoy 1 month of free rent when you sign a 10-12 month lease on currently vacant units or units becoming vacant this November.
  • Properties included: Bakery Living, Walnut on Highland, Washington at Chatham, Walnut Crossings, Walnut Towers, Hobart Court, Walnut on the Park, Hempstead Road Apartments, Wightman Street Apartments, and Howe Street Apartments
2) Receive a waived admin fee ($150 value) when you apply for an apartment with a lease starting between now and November 30th.

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Pittsburgh Neighborhoods

Location is everything, right?

With 90 different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, it can be difficult to narrow it down (out-of-towners, we're talking to you!)

Rest assured that our properties are in Pittsburgh's best neighborhoods conveniently located near the city's top employers, public transit stops, and within walking distance to shops and restaurants. If you're from Pittsburgh, you already know the hot spots, and you know Walnut Capital is in them.

Pittsburgh's Best Neighborhoods

Let's zone in on what neighborhood will best fit your lifestyle.

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Every Pittsburgh neighborhood is unique with its own quirks, personality, and specialties. From trendy and modish to secluded and serene, your perfect neighborhood is waiting to be discovered. Regardless of your wants and needs, they all come with friendly faces and welcoming neighbors - and that's a guarantee.

Better yet...get discounts to some of our favorite spots around town!

As a Walnut Capital resident, you can redeem Walnut Perks all over the city! 

That's right, get exclusive discounts to tons of shops, restaurants and service providers in Pittsburgh. Just flash your Walnut Capital perks tag. 

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We have something for every type of person, we promise. 

The tricky part is narrowing it down to only one!

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