Squirrel Hill

A taste of the suburbs within the city.


The vibe

Family-friendly and cultured

Don't miss

The eclectic businesses on Murray Avenue

Great for

Families, medical professionals, those looking for a suburban feel close to the city

Not so great for

Bar-hoppers and late night revelers
This neighborhood is absolutely beautiful, with people so friendly, you'll be waving hello to several of them walking down the street.
Former Resident
Squirrel Hill is a thriving neighborhood filled with history, a busy business district, public parks, loads of authentic eateries, and first-class educational institutions. The area is laid-back, family oriented, and commuter friendly – only five minutes from downtown Pittsburgh! The walkability and overall atmosphere are incomparable. Where else can you get groceries, a good book, a haircut, and a beer on the same street? Walk or bike to Murray Avenue to do just that!
Forbes Terrace in Squirrel Hill

Featured Properties

Walnut Towers at Frick Park
Squirrel Hill
Walnut Towers at Frick Park
7070 Forward Avenue
1330 - 2160+
1 - 2
1 - 1.5

Explore Top Attractions

Hidden Harbor

Frick Park Environmental Center

Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park

The Aiello's and Mineo's pizza debate

Schenley Park

Why people love Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill has an urban and suburban feel at the same time! It’s a walkable, diverse neighborhood that is bordered by two beautiful parks. The scenery is priceless, the residents are friendly and there are shops to cater to everyone’s needs nearby.

Squirrel Hill North is a great place, with great restaurants and small shops within walking distance, as well as parks and schools. The neighborhood itself is very safe, and residents are friendly!

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