Get to know Michael Kowalski: The Winner of the 2023 PAA Maintenance Professional of the year award

Our irreplaceable technician at Highland Village, Mike Kowalski, has won the 2023 PAA Maintenance Professional of the year award!

Mike is a seasoned expert in home improvement. With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years in maintenance, it's hardly surprising that he was considered for an award that honors excellence.

Handling 150 work orders every month? A breeze for Mike. Each day, he approaches his tasks with precision, assessing the requirements and strategically prioritizing his work orders. Even when faced with emergencies, there's no delay – Mike is always ready to promptly address any issues that arise.


I take my job very seriously, but I don't walk around with a serious look on my face all day. I show respect, empathy, and understanding of whatever problem they [the residents] are dealing with. 

This year, Mike won the  Keystone Awards: Best Service Tech, presented by the Pennsylvania Apartment Association, and it's clear why he is so deserving of this award. See what the residents and staff have to say about Mike's nomination: