Walnut Capital Wins Larimer Legacy Award

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Walnut Capital has won the 2023 Larimer Community Partner Award!

This marks the first year for this specific recognition and we are proud to be the recipient. The initiative set in motion by Walnut Capital has not only brought about a collaborative partnership but has also acted as a catalyst for fostering a thriving association. The Walnut Capital and Larimer Consensus Group (LCG) connection was established on the foundation of open dialogue and mutual respect, particularly considering the presence of Bakery Square within the Larimer Community. The LCG has wholeheartedly embraced the collaboration and partnership, and the consistent support from Walnut Capital underscores a shared commitment to raising standards as we pave the way for a renewed East End.

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LCG's purpose revolves around forging connections and crafting a vibrant, sustainable Larimer Community. With a laser focus on affordable housing, economic development, environmental responsibility, social well-being, and public safety, they are committed to making Larimer a thriving hub that embraces both progress and people.

They stand at the intersection of purpose and potential, the Larimer Consensus Group remains steadfast in its commitment to sculpting a Larimer Community that grows, transforms, and inspires – all while embracing the principles of partnership, progress, and people-first thinking.

We are excited to continue working with LCG and remain committed to helping the community flourish.