How to Throw the Perfect Apartment Dinner Party

How to Throw the Perfect Apartment Dinner Party

No matter the size of your place, throwing the perfect dinner party can be a great way to introduce the special people in your life to your home. However, throwing a dinner party in your small apartment does not mean the party needs to be small. This is your time to go ALL OUT! Make sure to pick fun recipes, decorations, and activities!

The Space 
We suggest always starting by rearranging your furniture. By moving your coffee table away from your couch or pushing your bed against the wall, you can create more space for your guests to hang out and relax. We love suggesting string lights or bar carts when purchasing new decor for your dinner party. String lights are great for mood lighting, and bar carts are a fun way for guests to serve themselves without feeling like they are overstepping. 

Decor inspiration:
String Lights 
Colorful Mixed Drink Glasses
Bar Cart  

The Meal 
We love providing our guests with multiple food options when we host small dinner parties. For example, we love to serve both chicken dishes, meat dishes, and vegetable dishes. By providing various options, you will ensure that your meal fits all your guests' dietary needs. Furthermore, we always double-check with our guests to confirm that they do not have any new dietary restrictions. 

Where we look for recipe inspiration:
The Modern Proper
Taste of Home
New York Times
Food Network

The Entertainment
Who doesn’t love games? When we go to a dinner party, we are always ecstatic if the host suggests a game of “What Do You Meme?” or “Cards Against Humanity.” Providing games at your dinner party can be a fun and competitive icebreaker that will make all your guests feel welcome and excited for the meal ahead. 

Our favorite games:
Never Have I Ever 
These Cards Will Get You Drunk
Cards Against Humanity
What Do You Meme? 

Remember, a memorable dinner party does not need to be for a large group; it can simply be an intimate get-together with you and a few friends. If you invite more people than expected, renting out your apartment's shared space might be an option.