Fall Decorating Tips

Fall Decorating Tips

Pools are closing, end-of-summer sales are posted, and every coffee company has just announced their pumpkin spice latte is back. You know what that means…it’s finally Fall, and it’s time to decorate your apartment!

It can be difficult to figure out what would look best in your space, especially depending on the size and what you’re working with. That’s why we compiled a list of tips to get you ready for the season.

1. Come up with a Theme

First things first, try to come up with a theme for your decorations. This means choosing colors and details that suit your style and add to your home. The decorations don’t need to match your furniture, but you can place subtle pieces around your aparment that accentuate what you already have.

Are you more excited that it’s fall because of the weather or because it's spooky season? Decorate according to your excitement for this time of year. If you want to go the Halloween route, grab some pumpkins, black and orange-themed decorations, and long candlesticks. If it’s the season itself you’re looking forward to, then stick with your typical orange and green accents and use some minimalistic approaches like adding a pumpkin-smelling candle.

Remember, this is YOUR space, so do what you want with it!

2. Hang Your Decor

If you’re not a big decorator but you still want to celebrate the changing of the seasons, look into incorporating a fall wreath. Hang it on your front door so your neighbors can see you’re in the spirit or prop it up somewhere inside like a bookshelf. Not really feeling the wreath aesthetic? Hang some orange lights on your terrace to let your enighbors know you're in the holiday spirit (wait until they see your Christmas lights).

3. Keep it Light

Speaking of lights, put some candles or lanterns around your place. The best part about these pieces is that you can have them inside or outside. They pair well with leaves and pumpkins and can be great for centerpieces on the counter and in outdoor arrangements.

4. Design your Outside Space

Sometimes decorating your home can be overwhelming and it can make your space feel cluttered, so focus on your terrace or patio instead! If you have some chairs, try adding some orange or yellow pillows to bring that autumn feel to your space. Remember the orange lights? You could hang some leaf strings or corn stalks around them too. Mums can also add that pop of color you may be missing.

5. Make your Everyday Items Fall

If you don’t want to worry about buying decorations, look to spicing up your bed sheets, pillows, or bath towels. Choose fabrics and designs that capture fall with colors like burnt orange, maroon, mustard, or brown.

We don’t have to go all out to celebrate the seasons, but the decorations help add to the excitement of the upcoming holidays and New Year. Share your fall-themed homes with us on Instagram and Facebook, and stay tuned for details on our October Boo Bags!