How to Turn Your Home into a Festive Fall Wonderland

How to Turn Your Home into a Festive Fall Wonderland

How to Turn Your Home into a Festive Fall Wonderland

Wahoo! It's fall in Pittsburgh! After a long summer, it's time to transform your home into a festive fall wonderland. Forget basic pumpkins and cranberry reefs; it's time to upgrade your decorating game just in time for Thanksgiving. Here at Walnut Capital we love to provide our residents with fall escape as soon as they step foot into our buildings. Here are some of our favorite fall decor ideas to help transform your space for the season. 

Welcome Signs + Doormats 
Fall is a time of friends, family, and community. When inviting people into your home, go the extra mile to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and right at home. Decorating your front door and entranceway can improve your curb appeal and make your home feel special. Welcome signs and doormats can be a simple way to leave your guests wanting to see more. 

Paint NOT Carve 
We all love decorating our homes with pumpkins, especially carved pumpkins. While carving pumpkins can be fun, it can also be a struggle. Instead of carving pumpkins, let's get creative! Painting pumpkins is one of the new hottest trends. Turn your pumpkins into painted flower vase centerpieces, succulent holders, or candle arrangements. If you are not into painting, try decoupaging your pumpkins! Click here for inspiration! 

Plaids? Colors? 
It's time to go mad for plaid. If you want to get into the fall spirit, pull out all the plaid you own. If you have multiple plaids, try overlapping them and mismatching them to create lots of fall vibes. Along with mixing plaids, don't be afraid to mix colors and neutrals.Try to add pops of fall colors, such as moody blues and burnt oranges, in your room decor to create a cozy feeling. 

Chunky Knits. 
What's better than cozying up on the couch and watching your favorite fall classic? After a long summer, it's time to pile on the chunky knit blankets. The key to picking the perfect knit is choosing a fabric that both compliments your fall decor but is also super soft and homey. 

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows! 
Add lots and lots of pillows to transform your room into the feeling of the season. Pillows can be a great way to add patterns to your room and create a more overall fall vibe. Some of our favorite statement pillow designs feature pumpkins, fall leaves, plaids, and turkeys! 

While your room might look like fall, it is time to make it smell like fall. Adding fall-themed scented candles can transform your space into a complete fall fantasyland. Some of our favorite scents are, the Pumpkin Pie Candle from DW Home and the Spiced Pumpkin Latte Candle from Voluspa. 

There is nothing better than bringing the fall indoors. Autumn is a time for family and celebration. In Pittsburgh, fall is the last season before a cold and snowy winter. Decorating your space with seasonal touches will give you all the fall feels all day long.