Life at Walnut Capital: Verity Harn

If Walnut Capital was in the game of Monopoly, Verity would be our banker.

Verity has helped Bakery Square grow immensely from having just one tenant to nearly 20 in the last 13 years.

Originally from Beaver County, Verity grew up with two sisters and a brother. Their brother scared them and messed with them on a daily basis - typical. But they had a pretty great childhood and Verity stuck around Pittsburgh till college!

Walnut Capital wasn't the first property management company she worked with. Verity interned at a small property management company close to home when she started her collegiate career at Penn State Beaver campus studying Business Information Systems. The company had about 10 residential properties to manage and that's where she was first introduced to the real estate world. She helped with maintaining their systems and office management.

Her last two years of college were spent in Utah State with her twin sister. Yes, she's a twin! After living there for a bit after graduation, she decided to move back to Pittsburgh in 2007. She started her career at a trucking company that carried steel products all over. She was in charge of the billing every week.

When we began working on the Bakery Square development, Andrea, the Director of Accounting & Commercial Operations, knew she needed an extra hand as Walnut Capital wasn't going to stop growing anytime soon. Luckily, Andrea knew Verity's brother and reached out to suggest she applied for the new Accounts Payable/Receivable position. It really pays to know someone around here - almost everyone has a connection! Three interviews later and Verity was on her way to helping Bakery Square become what it is today.

In the beginning, Verity actually thought things were slow at the Walnut Capital, but that didn't last too long (clearly). Things picked up and she learned a lot of new information involving systems, accounting, and real estate.

Let's just say she does a little bit of everything.

She goes through the banking information for our tenants. Then of course sends everything to Gregg to give him peace of mind. And then she goes into the leasing side of things and reviews documentation. Payroll weeks are spent preparing paychecks and reviewing time cards and reimbursements – yeah, she does that too.

There was this one time when I was invited to a meeting and Gregg asked why I was there because he couldn’t remember why he wanted me there. I said, “Maybe it’s because I’m smart and have good ideas?” and everyone laughed.


But it's true.


On top of accounting, Verity has to read the leases sent to the tenants to ensure everything looks correct and that they include the proper information.

We’ve switched from so many different billing and financial systems over the years as we’ve grown and added new partnerships, but thankfully that’s Verity’s thing. She’s the troubleshooter of the accounting team and knows the ins and outs of all the new systems. I guess it was a good thing she majored in Business Information Systems.


The company has changed A LOT. Bakery Square expanded so much in the time frame I started. We had more projects, residential increased - we doubled in team sizes and had to have two floors in the city office. But something that's been the exact same - Todd & Gregg.


Ever wonder how someone who provides leadership and support to accounts payable and receivable, and assists with operating budgets, can do all of that as a single mom - she wakes up at 4:45 a.m. Yeah...I made the same face you did, but this is how Verity gets stuff DONE!

She starts with walking the dog and taking care of his needs, and then she gets herself ready for work, wakes up her daughter, makes lunches, and drops her daughter off at school. As soon as she walks through the Walnut Capital doors, she's focused on all of her daily tasks.

When she gets home from her long days as a hard-working mom and gets time to herself, you'll find her reading books, watching a comedy, or binging the Fast & Furious franchise. She misses Paul Walker - we all do. Just before 10 p.m. Verity will catch up with her parents and get into bed.

This job has been the best fit for Verity and her work/life balance. Her daughter is in gymnastics and softball, and they spend every other Tuesday at their local youth group where Verity helps organize activities for the kids. Sundays are spent at church in the mornings, and dinner at her parents' house where she has all of her nieces and nephews running around with her daughter. They really are one big, happy family.


Her favorite part about working at Walnut Capital? The flexibility with her hybrid schedule and having the opportunity to spend time with her daughter and new pup, Tommy! If students have a day off or half day, Verity's daughter is always welcome to come and hang out with the city office crew. The same goes for her dog - who we get to see weekly, and are all very obsessed with. How did Tommy become a part of Verity's family? Andrea sent a link of Chiweenie puppies to Verity and a week later Tommy was walking all over Walnut Street!

"Some of my favorite memories at Walnut Capital involve my daughter."

Another core memory is all the birthday celebrations. She remembers the big 4-0 balloons sitting at her desk for her birthday and other company milestones.

Why does someone stay at a company for over a decade? I guess being named a top place to work in Pittsburgh helps, but Verity also thinks it's due to the leadership we have at Walnut Capital and their willingness to always help their employees.

"I've stayed because we always kept growing, so things were never stagnant. I was given new responsibilities over the years and I'm constantly learning new things. Andrea is a big part in why I've been here so long too."

We would be lucky enough to have her for at least another decade. Maybe two? Guess it depends on when she wants to retire...don't leave us, Verity!