Bakery Living Love Story: Hallie & Naveen


Let's take a stroll down memory lane to September 2021, where Bakery Living served as the backdrop to Hallie and Naveen's introduction. It all started with a golden retriever named Cece. 

Picture this: a lively cocktail party put on by Naveen at Bakery Living (courtesy of his newfound mixology skills), friends laughing, people mingling, and then suddenly, a lively Cece runs up to Hallie, followed closely by her dad, Naveen. And BOOM, their journey begins.

When Naveen and Hallie initially met, she was in a relationship. But as time went on, they parted ways. She continued to hangout with all of her friends at Bakery Living, including *wink* *wink* Naveen. They found themselves spending more and more time together and sparks flew, between not just them, but their pups too.


Despite living a not-so-convenient 45 minutes apart, Hallie and Naveen navigated the challenges of distance and differing schedules with determination.

Their birthdays fall around the same time, making April the busiest month for celebrations. Naveen surprised Hallie with a mini-golf outing with their friends and a heart-melting surprise cake painted with her and her dog Lucy's faces.

But, Hallie truly took the *cake* when it came to celebrating Naveen's birthday. He had jokingly mentioned wanting to keep it simple with a trip to Wendy's. So Hallie called him up on his birthday and said she was on her way to pick him up for a burger and fries.

When she got there, they turned back to grab something she "forgot" in the apartment. Little did Naveen know, he was in for the ultimate surprise: what started as a casual Wendy's outing swiftly transformed into a surprise bash, complete with their closest friends. From that moment onward, their relationship took a significant step forward and they officially became girlfriend and boyfriend.


These gestures were just a couple of moments Hallie and Naveen recognized they had something good. Their nights singing karaoke at Bakery Living, playing cornhole with Hallie’s family, and going on vacation together amplified their love for one another.

After some time, Naveen asked Hallie to move in; he didn’t want her traveling five days a week between work, Bakery Living, and back to hers again. In August 2023, they officially moved in together. And shortly after, something big happened, but not in the way it was supposed to…

Naveen’s original plan was to propose to Hallie on a trip to Maui, but after seeing how bad the wildfires were, they had to cancel. Plan B was a little getaway to a tree farm up north. The catch? It thunderstormed all night, ruining Naveen’s backup.

Plan C? Well, that one was in the works until he asked Hallie how she would want to be asked and went on to describe the complete opposite of everything Naveen had up his sleeve.

After a lot of discouragement and a heart-to-heart with Mother Nature, Naveen went with Plan D. He cooked Hallie a nice steak dinner at his apartment, paced back and forth for a bit, and went to join her on their balcony, dropped one knee and popped the question under the most beautiful, starry night. I guess the talk with MN was a good one. And so the love story of Hallie and Naveen blossomed into even more.


Through it all, Bakery Living stood as their sanctuary—a place where so memories were made and love was celebrated. From meeting for the very first time at an event among residents, to celebrating their engagement with family and friends in the courtyard, every corner of Bakery Living holds a piece of their story.

As they look ahead to their December 2024 wedding, Hallie and Naveen are filled with excitement and gratitude for the journey that brought them here. Hallie said,

Bakery Living is our love story. Everything happened here.

And indeed it is—a story of love and the beautiful chaos of life's unexpected twists and turns. We can't wait to watch their love story unfold even further at Bakery Living. 

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