Walnut Capital Clinches 5th Place: Rocking the 2024 Kingsley Excellence Awards!

The Kingsley Excellence Awards

The Kingsley Excellence Awards recognize the Top 100 individual multifamily properties that achieved outstanding performance the year prior. This award designation offers an opportunity to showcase a community's team and living experience to current and future residents alike.

To qualify, a community must be enrolled in a survey program for at least 6 months and receive at least 15 survey responses. To be featured in the Top 100 listing, a community's resident satisfaction score must exceed the Kingsley Index™ for overall satisfaction in multifamily property management.

Multiple Walnut Capital properties, alongside its sister properties, have proudly secured spots in the prestigious 2023 Top 100 list.


But the Kingsley Excellence Elite 5 goes further to recognize the five top-performing multifamily companies across Grace Hill’s three main client tiers:

And guess who made the cut!?

Join us in congratulating Walnut Capital for placing 5th in the Tier 3 category!

This recognition celebrates our commitment to consistently surpassing industry benchmarks and providing exceptional customer service. We're incredibly grateful to our dedicated teams whose unwavering efforts have propelled us into the top 5 NATIONWIDE! This achievement is a testament to their hard work and dedication, and we owe this award to each and every one of them.

Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill, said,

The Kingsley Excellence and Ellis Customer Experience Awards are the gold standard for best-in-class performance in multifamily and commercial real estate. These awards recognize companies that consistently exceed industry standards and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Did we mention that this feat was achieved in comparison to numerous management companies nationwide? Major props to our incredible residential team for not just exceeding the national Kingsley Index but also outperforming our competitors! Your tireless dedication and hard work are truly admirable. With surveys covering over 90% of our resident portfolio, the consensus is clear: we are the best in city living.