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1) Enjoy 1 month of free rent when you sign a 10-12 month lease on currently vacant units or units becoming vacant this November.
  • Properties included: Bakery Living, Walnut on Highland, Washington at Chatham, Walnut Crossings, Walnut Towers, Hobart Court, Walnut on the Park, Hempstead Road Apartments, Wightman Street Apartments, and Howe Street Apartments
2) Receive a waived admin fee ($150 value) when you apply for an apartment with a lease starting between now and November 30th.


Announcing: Grow with Walnut Capital

Walnut Capital is proud to announce "Grow with Walnut Capital."

Grow with Walnut Capital not just a program...It's a promise. 

A promise to help the people in the communities we touch grow alongside us. Our intention is to do more: build more connections, create more inclusive environments and engage in more active listening, to name a few. We're neighbors helping neighbors and we want to grow together.

Walnut Capital was founded with a mission in mind and we are excited to announce this program. This initiative is not only a values commitment we make in every neighborhood we help redevelop. It's a promise that as we grow, we help the people who live in the communities we touch grow with us, the way that they want to grow. What we’ve heard in places like Larimer and Oakland is that people want a chance for a better life for themselves and their families. Residents don’t just want rental affordable housing, they want to be able to buy an affordable home, be trained in a well paying career, and build generational wealth. These initiatives will be the product of active community listening because that's how real, positive impact happens.

We are excited to launch Grow with Walnut and are excited for what the future holds! Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter.

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