Life at Walnut Capital: Josh Brown

There's a man who knows the ins and outs of Bakery Square like no other, and it (surprisingly) isn't Gregg.

Meet Josh, our Bakery Square Security Supervisor, whose journey at Walnut Capital has been an eventful one.

After graduating high school with honors, Josh had a full scholarship to Duquesne University, where he pursued a degree in technology and marketing. However, college just didn't feel right to him. He questioned what he really wanted to do in life, left college, and opted to work full time at the family restaurant he had worked for since he was 13.

Surrounded by the energy of the Strip's nightlife, Josh enjoyed the restaurant industry. But as time went on, he felt the need for change and quit his job.

For a while, he didn't work and lived on the money he saved up from the long nights at the restaurant. He saw an ad about joining a CrossFit gym and decided to try it out since he had the free time. One of the guys he met through the program helped him get a job with a security company.

After working for them and being stationed at Bakery Square for about a year, Walnut reached out to offer him a job in-house. From then on, he's been our go-to guy for all things Bakery Square.


Since joining Bakery Square's security team, Josh has become a staple in the company's operations.

He plays a crucial role in maintaining the property's functionality and ensuring a positive experience for both our tenants and guests. From overseeing fire and safety protocols to coordinating deliveries and managing the security team's schedules and tasks, his days are filled with a lot of responsibilities. Honestly, there are too many to list.

Josh has witnessed Bakery Square's growth firsthand. When he started in 2016, Bakery Square Office 2 had just finished being built and Google moved in. The field across the street became Office's 3 and 4, and our Bakery Village Townhomes didn't even exist. Everyone and everything was new and he had a hand in the refresh that took place at the property.

It’s cool to see [Bakery Square's} the growth and how much they have expanded their footprint.

When he's not spending his time at Bakery Square, you'll find Josh at the gym. Putting in the same grind he does when clocked in. 


After nearly a decade at the company, there are a lot of memories to look back on. Like the times Gregg has facetimed him for help while he's lifting at the gym, all the holiday parties he got to dress up for, and getting to work alongside his team.  

I like working for Walnut, it’s a very dynamic company. Ownership is involved a lot, and to me that shows they care and they want to know what’s going on.

And of course there have been wild moments too. Take, for instance, the lady who made a habit of chaining her entire car up at Bakery Square, much like you'd secure a bike—no joke. Then, there was the time when security was tricked into giving away all our patio furniture. But no worries, Josh got every piece back home. 

All in all, Josh has experienced and seen it all at Bakery Square. And in a way, this seems like only the beginning of his journey with us. The property continues to thrive and add more to the bustling East Liberty community. And with Josh by our side, we feel pretty confident about our continued success at Bakery Square.