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Life at Walnut Capital: Kelsey Anderson

Discover why Kelsey is the creative numbers wizard behind Walnut Capital.

At Walnut Capital, we pride ourselves on our tight-knit team of dedicated individuals who make our properties shine. Kelsey isn't just your average Assistant Controller turned Controller; she's a wife, a mother, a numbers enthusiast, and an integral part of our Walnut family.

Kelsey grew up in Pittsburgh, but wanted a change of scenery when deciding where to go to college. She and her girlfriend skipped town and headed to Reno, Nevada (where her girlfriend was originally from). After graduating from the University of Reno Nevada, she and her girlfriend eloped in the enchanting city of San Francisco, setting the stage for an adventurous life together.

With a Bachelor's under her belt, Kelsey dove into the world of real estate, as a Staff Accountant, and her journey into the numbers game began. She worked full-time while attending classes four nights a week to obtain her Master's degree. Talk about a juggling act! Her hard work paid off as she graduated and embarked on a successful new career in public accounting as a Senior Auditor.

But life has a way of coming full circle, and Kelsey was eventually recruited back into the world of real estate accounting as a Senior Accountant at the same place her career started. Kelsey enjoyed this field but she and her partner had thoughts of moving elsewhere; somewhere they could start a family and feel safe, maybe a little more at "home."

Her path to us began when she spotted a job ad on Craigslist. She knew she wanted to work for a smaller, more tight-knit company, and Walnut was the perfect fit. After a few interviews over the phone (and almost a skype call) with Andrea and the team, Kelsey was hired on as our Assistant Controller. The new job led her and her partner back to Pittsburgh, where they set down roots in the North Hills.

And after a decade married (and at Walnut Capital), Kelsey and her wife welcomed a beautiful son into the world!


As an Assistant Controller, Kelsey became the go-to person for all things residential properties, especially the high-end ones. Her dedication and expertise later earned her the promotion to Controller, where she now oversees all residential properties, from AP and AR to managing finances, mortgages, and bills.

One of Kelsey's standout qualities is her love for innovation and creativity. She adores working with Gregg and Todd, our dynamic duo, who are always dreaming up the next big project. This creativity is what keeps Kelsey's job exciting, as every day brings new challenges and opportunities.

But it's not just about crunching numbers; Kelsey's behind-the-scenes work extends to helping form our marketing team (she put together a financial report that proved having an in-house marketing team made more sense financially) and putting together budgets that help us grow and succeed. She spends a lot of time in Excel, crafting financial reports, and analyzing data, all while ensuring we meet our lender reporting requirements.

Kelsey's schedule is as flexible as it gets. She works from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, allowing her to drop her son off at daycare and giving her wife a chance to pick him up. The work-life balance is something she truly cherishes.

One of Kelsey's favorite moments at Walnut Capital was feeling right at home during Alissa's (our Director of Marketing & Leasing) Halloween party just six months after she started. The sense of belonging and camaraderie among her colleagues assured her that she had made the right choice.

[At the party] I thought wow, this is who I want to work with, this is who I want to be with. And here we are 10 years later and a majority of the people at that party are still here. 

From grand openings that celebrate their hard work to the wild moments behind the scenes (we're looking at you, Gregg and Todd), Kelsey loves every aspect of her job. And yes, there have been those crazy moments when she's overheard Gregg on the phone, delivering passionate rants before signing off with an unexpected "Haha, love you bye!"


The next time you stroll through one of our residential properties or admire the meticulous financial reports that keep our operations running smoothly, remember the creative numbers maestro behind it all - Kelsey Anderson. She's always ready to add her own unique flair to the world of real estate accounting, one innovative idea at a time. Here's to another decade of success at Walnut Capital!