Pet Products for Apartment Owners

Pet Products for Apartment Owners

At Walnut Capital, we love our furry friends! Pets are family and should also have a comfortable space to live, even when you are renting an apartment. Below is a list of apartment essentials for both cats and dogs to make sure that they love their home as much as you love them!


A Foldable Dog Bed

Sometimes dog beds can get in the way during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When your four-legged companion isn’t snoozing on their bed, it takes up essential floor space in an apartment. Enter: the foldable dog bed. These beds collapse into an easy to store item that can go under the bed, into a closet or tucked behind the couch. Not only will your dog love their bed but you’ll love the convenience of it too!


A Litter Box Cabinet

One of the easiest ways to disguise a litter box is with a cabinet that looks like a regular piece of furniture. These cabinets come in many shapes, sizes and colors to fit your space and double as extra surface area as well. Your kitty has a convenient space and you have an easily contained litter box. Add a few decorations on top or even set your TV on the cabinet for a seamless look that will leave people wondering where you’ve hidden the litter box!


Discreet Pet/Security Cameras 

As a pet parent myself, I know the stress of leaving your pet for a full day of work. Having a camera to check in on them and make sure that everything is in order gives you peace of mind during your work day or even nights out on the town. Some of the camera options allow you to toss a couple of treats to your pet or talk to them if they are stressed out. Not to mention, these cameras are great for security purposes as well!


A Storage Ottoman

This piece of furniture functions as both a decor piece and a storage unit. Pop your feet up during the day to relax and open it up at night whenever it’s time to pull out the toys. These ottomans are great for storing toys, nail trimmers, blankets and anything else you might need for your pet. The best part? You can find them at almost any furniture store in your area. No pet stores needed!


No matter what extra items you get for your pet, making sure that they are comfortable, safe and happy is the top priority. Pittsburgh is a great city to have pets and there is a huge community of dog and cat lovers alike. The best part? Walnut Capital’s dog and cat friendly apartment options makes it so easy to search for your new space without worrying about whether your pet is welcome.