PAA Light Installation

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"Resort" is a programmatic light installation consisting of 40 windows at the Pittsburgh Athletic Association. Through the use of custom-designed, architectural light structures, the entire corner of the historic building viewable from Forbes Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard, was activated throughout the holiday season.

This light show was an extension of GLOWLAND, organized by OBID (Oakland Business Improvement District)." Walnut Capital was one of its sponsors, and broadened the partnership through the PAA for an artistic installation. 

The artist, Ian Brill said,

As an artist who works with technology this is an extension of my ideas pertaining to process ontology, beauty and the sublime. As an alumni who received their BA in Studio Arts from The University of Pittsburgh, it is a tremendous honor to present this work.

OBID is a diverse team of business district visionaries and advocates who are leading the exciting rise of Oakland-Pittsburgh's largest university and hospital university. 

The PAA building has been an important part of the Oakland neighborhood since 1911, and is featured on the National Register of Historic Places. It has hosted major events, accommodated prominent members (including Mr. Rogers), and been featured in several major motion pictures. The building is undergoing a comprehensive mechanical modernization. Important features such as wood paneling, terra cotta tiling, plaster work, and terrazzo flooring have been expertly restored. 

Founder and CEO, Todd Reidbord said,

We are happy to partner with the Oakland Business Improvement District to provide the Oakland community with incredible art throught GLOWLAND and the light installation at the PAA. Ian's installation is breathtaking. We hope to begin work on the public aspects of the plan soon as we continue to search for a permanent tenant for the building. 

With up to 130,000 square feet, the building is available for lease. The property includes a range of special spaces such as multi-story areas for presentations, ornate interior balconies, elegant historic meeting rooms, and a new, modern 'sky room' with fabulous campus views. Contact us or visit to learn more.