How Walnut Capital Stays Green Year-Round


As Earth Day approaches, it's time for us to roll out the green carpet and celebrate our commitment to sustainability. Sure, every day should be Earth Day, but it's nice to have a dedicated date on the calendar as a reminder.

At Walnut Capital, being green isn't just a fad to follow, it's a part of our core values. From our headquarters to each of our properties, and Bakery Square, we've woven sustainability into the very fabric of our company.

We're not just in the business of providing top-notch living spaces; we're in the business of doing it sustainably. Whether you're kicking back in one of our apartments or strolling through our hallways, you can be rest assured that you're basking in the glow of energy-efficient LEDs. Yep, we got rid of those energy-guzzling bulbs, and you should too. 

When it comes to water conservation, we don't mess around. We've kissed wasteful showerheads and toilets goodbye and welcomed their water-saving counterparts with open arms. Our toilets? They're practically water-saving ninjas.


And let's not forget about our appliances. Oh no, we're not talking about just any old appliances. We're talking about the BEST energy-saving machines. From dishwashers that sip water like it's fine wine to washing machines that are practically power-saving wizards, we're all about keeping it cool with our planet.

Our rooftop solar panels soak up the sun like nobody's business. Oh, and those bioswales? They're not just for show. They're our secret weapons in the fight against stormwater runoff, capturing raindrops daily. See for yourself.

When it's time to replace our boilers and furnaces, we don't settle for anything less than energy-efficient models. Because why waste energy when you can save it? 

So, as Earth Day rolls around, let's raise a glass (preferably a reusable one) to our planet and all the small steps we can take to keep it green. Happy Earth Day!

Properties like Highland Village and Bakery Living (pictured above) also have plenty of green space to enjoy, along with several other Walnut properties. Check them out and find your happy place!