Walnut Capital is Excellent... Grace Hill Said So!

2022 Kingsley Excellence Award winners

Each year, Grace Hill recognizes individual communities that achieved outstanding performance year over year through the Kingsley Excellence Awards. Award winners must exceed their program’s previous year KingsleyIndex™ for overall satisfaction. What's the KingsleyIndex? 

It's the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry. Compiled from 30 years of analyzing the performance of industry leaders, their proprietary index is the standard for measuring tenant, resident, employee, and client satisfaction. This year, Grace Hill named 100 Multifamily Properties throughout the United States that had the highest overall Resident Satisfaction Scores from 2021 and one very special Walnut Capital property made the list! 

Drumroll please....

Join us in congratulating Walnut on Highland, who was named #11 in the nation! 

We commend the Walnut on Highland team for their outstanding work and committment to our residents. This property is truly a shining star in our portfolio, just narrowly missing the top ten!


But wait, there's more! 

Kuddos to our ENTIRE team here at Walnut Capital for being named within the top 5 management companies in the US!

The Kingley Excellence Award program has been expanded this year to include the KingsleySurveys Elite Five, which recognizes the five top-performing multifamily companies within each of Grace Hill’s three client tiers.

  • Tier 1: over 30K units
  • Tier 2: 10K to 30K units
  • Tier 3: under 10K units 

Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill, said

These properties and teams are exceeding industry benchmarks and going above and beyond to ensure their residents are satisfied with their living experience. This year, we evolved the award to recognize and highlight not just properties, but also the elite companies who continually strive to deliver industry-leading customer experiences.


Walnut Capital was awarded the #4 spot in the KingsleySurveys Elite Five Tier 3 Category!

Did we mention that was in comparison to several management companies in the country? Compliments to our kick-ass residential team for outperforming the national Kingsley Index and our competitors! We are proud of your dedication and hard work day in and day out. We survey over 90% of our resident portfolio and word on the street is... we do a pretty good job around here.

Pictured below: a bunch of our happy residents!