Valentine's Candy Taste Test

Kellie, Courtney, and Andrea tried some of the most popular Valentine's candy and ranked them 1-5! Do you agree with them?

SweeTARTS Conversation Hearts- Overall Rating: 4
This is the one candy you could see Kellie snack on throughout the second half of the video, which should tell you what she thought about this one. It was a little much for Courtney, as she thought it was just another peice of chalk, but Andrea understood why Kellie ranked it so high. 

Dove Valentine's Assorted Chocolate- Overall Rating: 4.3
Between the presentation of the box to the assortment of all good flavors, this was one of the highest scored Valentine's candy in our ranking! The worst part about this treat is that there's only one left, and no one wants to be THAT person. But I will be. 

One Dozen Belgian Milk Chocolate RosesOverall Rating: 1.6
Everyone agreed that this is not something they would want to be gifted for V-day. Either give them real flowers or just don't get anyting at all. Like Kellie said, it's a no from us. 

Chewy Red Hots HeartsOverall Rating: 2
Andrea reccomeded we get these for the taste test and she was clearly very happy we did. These spicy treats lived up to her expectations. As for Courtney and Kellie, they were happy to see Andrea take the leftovers upstairs so they didn't have to see them ever again. 

Cupid Corn Valentine Candy Corn- Overall Rating: 3
The ladies agree that candy corn should only be a Halloween treat, and even then, you won't see the three of them go out of their way to find some. But hey, at least it's pink!

Tiny Conversation Hearts Candy- Overall Rating: 3
Kellie was NOT a fan of this one. I guess she just isn't thrilled with the flavor of chalk. Courtney didn't want to completely knock it down as it's a Valentine's classic - which is exactly why Andrea had to give it a 5. 

Reese's Valentine's Day Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts- Overall Rating: 4.3
Give us all the Reese's, RIGHT NOW. This was an easy rating, but it brought up a popular debate! Do all Reese's taste the same, like the Christmas tree ones, pumpkins, and eggs? Or is there a shape that's above all? Rumor has it that the Christmas tree one's are the best, but you tell us. 

Hershey's Valentine's Kisses- Overall Rating: 2.6
Andrea and Kellie aren't the biggest fans of white chocolate, but they could appreciate this classic sweet. Courtney was most excited to taste test our chocolate options, so it's no surprise she rated this one a 4. 

M&M's Solid Milk Chocolate Valentine's Candy- Overall Rating: 4.3
Once again, a classic sweet that's popular all year around was ranked one of the highest. Some of us (meaning me) think these tasted better than the regular ones, but everyone else said they taste like any kind of M&M. I don't want to spark a debate and have one similar to the Reese's rumor, so I'll drop it. 

The Cup Cherry Lovers Heart Jelly Beans- Overall Rating: 1.8
Kellie LOVED these - she actually ate more the next few days and raved over them. Courtney and Andrea on the other hand, thought they tasted like medicine and they wanted nothing to do with them. One was enough for them. 

Next time we will schedule a cleaning for our participants, because they definitely felt like kid's in a candy store afterwards. Ultimately, the best candy varied between the M&M's, Reese's, & Dove Chocolate. The worst ended up being the chocolate roses, so if you already got these for your Valentine or are planning on it, ABORT. Grab some real roses instead, or better yet, our favorite candy from the lot.

Happy Valentine's Day from Walnut Capital!